Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Monday-Tuesdays . . .

Doncha just hate it when a Monday decides to disguise itself as a Tuesday?

Like right after a WONDERFUL three-day holiday weekend . . .

Then on MONDAY (I don't care if the calendar says "TUESDAY" - - they are known to lie) - - reality sets in . . .

Like today.

Today was NOT a fun day. *sigh*

I had an 8:00 a.m. meeting to take minutes at. Taking minutes is not exactly the most fun thing in the world to do anyway, but at 8:00 freakin' A.M., on a MondaydisguisedasaTuesday, it's downright painful!!

I get out of the meeting at 9:00, make my daily deliveries and
pick up the mail (a HUGE stack, thanks to the three-day weekend). I get back to my desk and notice my message light blinking. It's my dentist's office - - my permanent crown arrived a couple of days early and they just happened to have a cancellation that morning - - could I be there at 10:00? It's already 9:30, but - - might as well get it over with.

SO it's off to the dentist I go, and have an unexpected hour in the chair (just what I wanted after an hour of sheer hell in the meeting). THEN there is no eating or drinking anything for at least an hour, preferably more, until the cement on the crown sets up. So now I'm not only CRANKY - - I'm HUNGRY besides . . .

Then this evening, I'm scheduled to teach an Intro to Excel class. Normally I enjoy teaching these classes, but this has NOT been the best of days . . . but this usually puts me in a pretty good mood.

Unfortunately, that was NOT to be the case this time.

They have just started using a new training program on the computers in that lab. The machines are OLD and OUTDATED and SLOW, and do not have the capability of running this new program well. The programs run SOOOOOOOO SSSSLLLLOOOOWWWWWWWWW . . . . . and the programs like to "freeze" and then the machines lock up, and the only to get out of that is to reboot, which results in the computers not wanting to start up in the proper training program.

THEN - - when class is finished and you try to EXIT out of the program, it crashes Windows.


By the time class was over and I FINALLY got all the machines shut down, I was ready to throw something.

It's kinda funny that Debbie told me today that since this was the FIRST TIME this program was being run, she was glad it was being taught by someone who worked there and knew them and loved them . . . and to let her know tomorrow if there had been any problems.

She should be careful what she asks for - - she may not be too happy hearing from me tomorrow . . . (don't get me wrong - - I adore Debbie, and know this is not her fault, but I'm just pissed, is all . . . )

ANYWAY - - my feeling is, if you are going to make people pay GOOD MONEY to get TRAINING - -

You damn well better have the PROPER TOOLS to train them with!

Give them their money's worth, for Heaven's sake!

I'm just sayin', is all.

Enough ranting - - it's beddy-bye time.

Tomorrow will be better (darn well better be! *laugh*)

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