Sunday, October 16, 2005


My meeting with the head of the Division went surprisingly well. I made sure to mention all my concerns regarding the machines and their inability to run the training program. Apparently, he had been doing his own bit of investigating and had come to the same conclusion. All classes scheduled for that computer lab for the rest of the semester have been reassigned to another lab. The new room has much newer machines, so there should not be any of the problems we had experienced on the first night of class.

After that was all decided, it was time to let him know my own personal feelings on the way my concerns had been treated by members of his staff. Basically, after I shut his office door, I spelled it out in no uncertain terms - - how it was very unprofessional that my concerns, as the instructor on record for that class, were treated as "not that important." That I was told not to "make a big deal out of it" or to involved the head of the Division. How the staff member basically did not want to bring this situation to the attention of the head of the Division, so therefore, did not. I went to the Coordinator first out of professional courtesy, because it is always best to follow the chain of command and not step on someone's toes. But when that did not work, I had no choice but to handle things a different way.

I think he and I came to a mutual understanding about all this - - I think he realizes that my concerns are for the students, not my own personal agenda.

He asked me to survey my students this evening, and if any of them feel that they did not get what was needed during the 2 nights of class, he would allow an extra night at no charge to them, for us to go over areas they felt were necessary. I will do that at class tonight, and if any of them feel the need for the extra night, I am more than willing to meet with them and help in any way possible to make sure they get what they paid for.

It's the right thing to do.

* * * * * * * * * *

Class Thursday evening in the new computer lab went so smoothly, it was almost scary. NOTHING went wrong! The machines ran as they should, nothing locked up, nothing crashed, the program booted up with not one glitch. I was able to give the instruction needed, and even had a bit of time to review some of the material from the previous class.

At the end of class, I asked if any of them felt the need for the extra night, but none of them did. Apparently we were able to cover it enough that they were comfortable with what they were taking away from the class.

Thank goodness that "nightmare" is over!

I don't anticipate any problems for the Intermediate Excel class next week. (knock on wood!)

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