Thursday, January 05, 2006

WELL . . .

Tomorrow WAS better, but Thursday, well - - that's a whole other thing . . .

It has been SUCH a HORRIBLE day!

Where do I start - -

First of all, I get 2 frantic phone messages as soon as I walk in this morning. The secretary in the office down the hall is home, deathly ill, and has some things that need done TODAY, and no way of getting in here to do it. At least she knew who to call - - I'm the lead over Secretarial Services, so I got one of the girls to come to the office, and got her started on all the "stuff". Before you know it, it was done and in the mail where it belonged. *whew*

The *other* frantic message was from my boss, who was also home ill. She has a major project going on - - a PowerPoint file- - that is due ASAP. It needs to be integrated with other people's PowerPoint files for a College-wide presentation this coming Monday afternoon. We talked, and she told me where to find all the information to help start the file. No problem - - it's been fairly quiet out here, I should be able to get this whipped right out, right?


It seems that THIS is the day that EVERYONE in the WHOLE DAMN WORLD decided, "Hey. We left Liz alone for TWO WHOLE DAYS. We need to start bugging her NOW. Everyone, all together now . . . "

I have now officially lost my mind.

It's gone.

Whatever shred of sanity I may have had left is now history . . .

The phone has been ringing constantly, some with questions I can't answer, and other with questions I could but am not able to look up the info RIGHTNOWDAMMITBECAUSEINEEDIT!, people have been in and out of this office to the point that I'm considering a revolving door! (Hmmm - - that way, if I'm *really* on a tangent, I can keep it spinning and spit them right out in the hall . . . ^grin^)

But the worst - - the ABSOLUTE WORST - -

Was this instructor who returned a call to me from yesterday. I had called because I am needing some information from him prior to a meeting Monday afternoon. Of which I am just clerical support. NOT the Chair of the committee. Or anything else that requires decision making.

And he decided he needed to be an ass.

I know, I know - - LOTS of people can be asses, and this one has had more than his share of ass-time . . . but until today, he had never been an ass to ME.

He kept arguing his point with me, and telling me that he was NOT going to do suchandsuch, and I needed to do thisandthat, and I needed to realize all this stuff - - to the point where I actually had to hang up on him.

I was livid. I took off out of my office door (almost ran over the mail lady - - SORRY, CHRIS!) and went to the office next door to talk to the Chair of the Committee. Well, fortunately for him, he had already gone home.

UNFORTUNATELY for him, I had his home phone number, and knew how to use it. Which I did.

When he answered, the first thing I did was apologize in advance for what I was going to say, and how it was going to be said.

And then I unloaded. BOTH barrels. No-holds-barred RANT and RAVE. He heard it all, and then some, in no uncertain terms.

I know I said "SOB" (spelled out, of course!) at least once, mentioned not being paid enough to take this man's "bull****", and am pretty sure used some other "colorful metaphors" during the course of my rant - -

Gotta admit, the Chair took it pretty well. Poor guy - - I had held it in so much with the instructor, that once it came out, it was not a pretty sight! He got me (kind of) calmed down, and then promised to call the instructor and take care of the situation. I apologized once more, promised to calm down, at which we BOTH laughed, because once my Italian blood gets boiling, it take a L--O-O-O-N-G time for that to happen!

Well, let's just see what tomorrow brings - - at least it's Friday, which helps. And I get to go down and spend time with my Dear Daddy, which always puts me in a better mood! :-)

I hope you all have a good evening, and thanks for stopping by! Now that I have unloaded on all of you, I feel MUCH better! :-)

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