Monday, January 16, 2006

No Spoiled Cats In THIS Household . . .

WELLLLLLL - - maybe just a LITTLE spoiled!

Have you ever seen the "doggy steps" they have now? They are a small set of 2-4 steps that you assemble and cover with an included sheepskin cloth (VERY soft!) - - it's to help small dogs and older cats get up on beds, couches, etc.

Well, guess what we have now for our old girl Callie.

Yep, a set of steps so she doesn't have to "strain herself" getting up on the bed.

No spoiling here, obviously!

It's not that she can't jump up on the bed. She can. But I think "Daddy" was starting to get concerned about her advanced years (she's now 15) and the enormous energy it takes for her to haul her lard-ass up on the bed.

She IS kind of a heavy-weight - - I call her "waddle-butt" - - boy, does THAT ever earn me some looks from her! :-)

Anyway, at the foot of our bed, we now have the steps. She can walk up them to the hope chest, and from there just step over the footboard and onto the bed, where she can spend the day sleeping off the exertion of climbing all three of those steps.


What we humans do for our animal companions . . . .

(But they are worth it!)

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A :-) said...

Oh, the joys of our little furry kitty cat buddies...
Bailey was supposed to go to the vet today, but my best friend (who was to take her for me!) could not catch her...hopefully next week when we rescheduled the appt., it will be a bit easier. I HOPE! I think trying to catch her was nearly as traumatizing for me as it was for her...of course, *I* did not end up on the top of the upper kitchen cabinets...that is when we gave up!! (sigh)
Oh, and there is N-O-T-H-I-N-G wrong with spoiled feline friends...y'think Bailey is NOT spoiled?!?! HA!!!! ;-D