Sunday, January 29, 2006

eBay Fever . . .

We got it BAD, too! :-)

We have had some items for sale on eBay this past week. Most of them were pretty big ticket items, too. Dear Hubby Steve had 2 snowblowers for Toro Wheelhorse - one in great shape, the other is in good enough shape to fix up and use (needs a couple of parts), a set of headers for a Ford FE big block, and some Isky racing valve springs and copper gasket. I had a really good IBM Personal Wheelwriter 2 for sale that I purchased about 10 years ago, but once the computer entered our lives, it got less and less use. It's still a good machine, though, and works great.

So we put these 6 items up for bid - - and all but the one snowblower (the one that needs fixed) sold! It was kind of exciting watching the flurry of bids in the last few minutes - - think I've developed carpal tunnel from hitting the "Refresh" button so much!

Dear Hubby is going to part out the snowblower that didn't sell and sell the parts separately. He said a couple of the parts on it are worth around $50 each. So that is probably the best way for him to go.

Now we get to do the "fun" part - - waiting for payments, packaging, shipping, etc. All the items are in excellent shape and will do a good job for the people who bought them.

Now that there is all THAT space freed up - - let's see what else Steve has in that garage that I can get rid of - - errr, I mean, put up for auction . . . :-)

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