Monday, January 30, 2006

Imagine 21

I doubt if John Lennon had THIS training in mind when he wrote his song, "Imagine"!

I am going through Part 1 of I21 training this week. This involves 2 days of videos by the creator of the training, 2 facilitators leading us through the exercises in the books, and lots of "audience participation" going on.


Basically, what I'm finding out (and this is only after the FIRST DAY) is that all this stuff they are talking about is the same stuff I've already had in my Psychology and Sociology classes at the College. It's just packaged up differently is all.

So it's just kind of a "refresher course" for me - -

HOWEVER - - there are a couple of redeeming points - -

I get 2 days out of the office this week! :-)

Yeah yeah - - I know - - it will be a week of "catch-up" once I get back, and will not be able to see the surface of my desk for the piles of work . . .


Gotta love that, at least.

The other good point - - we (3 of us from the College) are sitting at a table with 3 retirees from Caterpillar - - who are ornery and rotten as the day is long - - they just ain't right, these people! And me - - the little "instigator" - - was right in the thick of all of it! My stomach still hurts from laughing.

We quickly got the reputation as the "bad" table today . . . go figure!

Tomorrow is another day of I21 - - and I can't wait to spend more time with my table mates. They are making this "assimilation"* training a lot easier to bear!

Then it's back to the old grind . . . *sigh*

Keep ya posted . . .

*I'm not kidding - - that's what it says on the front of one of the training manuals" "Assimilation Guide". Sounds kind of "Star Trek: The Next Generation", doesn't it? I mean - - the BORG were the ones who "assimilated" other people - - "Resistance is futile" and all that . . . *gulp* . . . Jean Luc Picard, where are you when I need ya????

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