Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Look At This!

Remember my little cherry tree? The one I blogged about here, and how happy I was that it had actually seemed to recover from the 2006 Ice storm?


I went outside for a quick walk this morning to try and get some of the "wreck" stiffness out of my body, when I noticed a couple of the branches had quite a few ripe cherries on them. I hurried back inside to get a plastic bag, and picked the ones I could reach.

The other branch is way too high, and will take a ladder to reach the fruit. But, I don't think I can handle a ladder right now, with the pain I'm experiencing and the meds I'm on. So they will have to wait until Dear Hubby Steve gets home.

There may not be enough cherries to make my Daddy a whole cherry pie, but I bet there will be enough to make him a nice cobbler or crisp - - This is what I've been waiting for ever since we moved here!

Later today I will get them pitted and put in a freezer bag, and hopefully be able to add to them as more of the fruit ripens. Can't wait to start baking!


Ree said...

I want fruit trees.

Jess Riley said...

Oh, I want fruit trees, too!! Sadly, our yard is the size of a bookmark.

Those cherries are gorgeous, though.

Bina said...

Wow!! They look awsome! We had a cherry tree in our yard when I was growing up. Man I loved those things, but I must have eaten way too many because now I can't eat a cherry!!!!!

Travis Erwin said...

They look quite tasty.