Monday, June 23, 2008

Jeep Update

Took the Jeep to the body shop this morning. He will have it all this week and probably part of next week. He has already torn into it, and said that under all the exterior damage, he didn't find much more. That thing IS built like a tank! He said he feels it will be a "good fix" - - and knowing Butch, it will definitely look brand new by the time he is done with it! (And YES, I will post pictures!)

Until my Jeep baby is back home, I am at the mercy of friends and family to get where I need to go. Fortunately, a close friend at work drives right past my house on her way to work and back home every day, so I am able to hitch rides with her. Thank God for friends and family! Without them, this situation would be an even worse ordeal than it already is.


I am heartbroken. When I got home from work today and checked the mail, there were not any more envelopes from ambulance chasers! Fickle bastards . . . *heh*


But I DID get a mailing from the insurance company of the man who ran into me. The letter said that they had been trying to contact me by phone, but were not successful, and that it was imperative that I contact them IMMEDIATELY to discuss this claim.

Funny thing is, the date of the letter is the day AFTER I talked to the them - - and the letter is signed by the SAME PERSON I TALKED TO . . .

NOT a good sign! *sigh*


Keep you posted.


Eileen said...

Oh I soooo feel your pain. We had our accident a few weeks ago and the car was a write off. I am slowly getting better- but who knew so much hassle could be had?

Glad to hear you're feeling better and that the ambulance chasers haven't caught you yet.

Bina said...

Okay, so didn't the insurance company give you a car to use? That's what happened when someone hit me. I just asked, and they gave me a rental car (THEIR expense) until mine was ready, which took almost a freaking month! AHHHHH

Anyway, did you check?

Jess Riley said...

What a bunch of headaches...I hope things are sorted out soon!!