Thursday, June 12, 2008

Finally Fixed!

Well, Dish Network finally restored some of my faith in them.

The service guy, who was scheduled to come out "sometime" between 12 Noon and 5 PM, called me at 11:15 AM, apologized for running early (yes, he did!), and asked if there was any way he could come right then instead of waiting until the afternoon.

Oh hell yeah! I'll be right there!

I got home, and he was already waiting in the drive for me. (I'm glad I work at a College with a lot of "diverse" individuals - - this man was covered in tattoos and some piercings, but hey, as long as he can do the job, that's all that matters!)

I showed him to the bad receiver, and he went to work. He checked the phone jack and phone line, and decided to try replacing the phone jack, just in case. That didn't work. So he went out to the truck and got a different receiver and replaced that.

That didn't work either.


So he did some more checking, and just on a hunch, he also replaced the phone line, so that all three things were new. THAT worked!

Apparently, when the lightning hit, it not only messed up the receiver, it also messed up the phone line. Once they were BOTH replaced, things worked again.

That young man was there working on things for 2 hours. He was nice, polite, and did a very good job. AND (points for him) he likes animals, and my shy-girl Squeak decided she adored him. She would NOT leave him alone!

SO once again, Dish Network has redeemed themselves. I guess if they had sent the new receiver and we had hooked it up, we still would have had problems since the phone line had been knocked out also.

When we decided to swtich from Cable to Satellite, we did a lot of research on the providers in our area, and decided to go with Dish Network. We have had Dish for just over three years now, and they have always been very good with us.

I guess maybe we should not have been so upset when they decided to send someone out. It was just that on top of all the other things we have been dealing with, it was just one more obstacle to get through. But it worked out very well, and I would still highly recommend them to anyone considering Satellite TV.

Just one more happy ending! :-)

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Jess Riley said...

Oh, I feel your pain. Lightning fried our modem last weekend, and my husband's XBox connection. You'd have thought the world was ending.

Glad to hear your situation was resolved happily!