Monday, June 16, 2008

L-O-N-G, S-L-O-W Process

This morning I decided to forego taking the Extra Strength Tylenol, just to make sure that I really WAS starting to feel better, and that the pills weren't masking any sort of problem. Well, by 7:30 AM I was in quite a bit of pain, so decided to get ready and go by my Doctor's office to speak to someone and get some advice.

I talked to the nurse and filled her in what happened. When she spoke to the Doctor, he wanted me put in a room immediately and wanted to see me. I felt pretty bad about this, because he had a waiting room full of people, and more on a list hoping to get in to see him today. But they insisted. *sigh* Okay - - on with the sexy backless gown (those things are DRAFTY!) and I settled in to wait.

He didn't keep me waiting very long. In fact, this was probably the quickest Doctor visit ever! He was very concerned about whiplash, checked me all out, and prescribed a prescription-strength does of ibuprofen and a muscle relaxant (which, by the way, is a pretty good one!). I go back in two weeks for a recheck.

He then sent me across the street to the hospital for X-rays. I again settled in, figuring it would be a LONG wait, but again was pleasantly surprised - - I was in and out of that hospital in 45 minutes! They took quite a few X-rays of my head, neck and shoulders, at all different angles. Hopefully they will show no injuries. I will find out when I go back for my recheck.

Then after dropping my prescriptions off at Walgreens, it was on to the insurance agent. They started the claim paperwork quickly, got an adjuster on the phone to talk to me, and things are moving pretty quickly and smoothly - - at least at THIS point. My body shop man will be back from vacation at the end of the week; by that time, I should have the estimate in hand and can get it and the Jeep to him to start the repair process.

THAT is when the fun will begin - - thanks to the guy who decided to use ME AND MY JEEP to stop his van, I will be put through a lot of inconvenience! I know I shouldn't be feeling angry, but - - DAMMIT! I know, it could have been much, much worse. At least I'm home, and not badly injured. But DAMMIT! Oh well . . .

Anyway, I will keep updating as things happen.


Ree said...

Yikes! Feel better soon

DogsDontPurr said...

Ouch! Good thing you were driving a Jeep. I was once driving a Jeep when one of those humongous motorhomes decided to pull out in front of me. I had no time to stop or swerve. The whole front of the Jeep was smashed in, and the passenger side door was bent so that it wouldn't open. Amazingly, all my passenger and I suffered were some aches and pains. If I'd been in a small car of some sort, I probably would have been dead!

Hope you feel better soon and get your Jeep back in pristine condition!

Bina said...

Of course you can mad! That man hit you, and unless he passed out at the wheel by no fault of his own, it's HIS fault!!!