Friday, March 21, 2008

So Far, NOT So Good

Dad had to have the catheter put back IN today. Needless to say, he is NOT a happy camper at the moment!

His system is working, but not good enough yet. He is still retaining too much fluid. The Nurse said she could put it back in today, or he would more than likely be making a trip to the Emergency Room this weekend to have it done.

He was so looking forward to being able to go home for a few days before his next surgery! He is pretty down at the moment, and I'm just heartbroken for him.

This is very difficult for me to be dealing with - - I have always been "Daddy's Girl", and have always viewed my Dad as this big, strong man who is able to do anything. Seeing him like this is so hard . . . he feels he is being a bother and is disrupting our lives, and I am trying to make him understand that is not the case. So what if my routine has been disrupted? Big freakin' deal! My routine has not been nearly as disrupted as his!

Just before my Mom passed away - - five years ago next month, actually - - she told me she was worried about my Dad and him being able to take good care of himself. I promised her that I would do everything I could to take care of him, no matter what it took. I did not mean that when it got difficult, it would be time to "bail"!

I am very fortunate to have a partner by my side who is very caring and compassionate, and does everything he can to help me with this situation. He adores my Dad, and Dad considers him the son he never had (sorry Dad, but Hi! I'm a GIRL!). Having Steve here has made it much easier to get through all this, and even thought I didn't think it was possible, I love him even more for it.

Please send good thoughts Dad's way - - he needs all the hope and encouragement he can get. And Steve and I appreciate it.

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Ree said...

All kinds of good thoughts coming your way sweetie. You're a good girl.