Friday, March 14, 2008

Dad Update

Well, Dad's leg procedure did not go exactly as expected.

Oh, the procedure itself went great! But there was a complication, and he developed a prostate infection, and they kept him overnight for observation. He is catheterized at the moment, and will be until at least Wednesday.

Steve finally has Dad home from the hospital, and then went back out to pick up some prescriptions for him. Dad is now comfortable and in bed. (In fact, I think I can hear him snoring - - he is sleeping hard!)

I will go into more detail a little later - - but right now it's LATE, and I'm exhausted after spending the most part of two whole days in the hospital . . . just sitting, and waiting, and sitting some more, and waiting some more . . .

So I am going to finish up a couple of things for the "Great Jackson Chili and Soup Cookoff" tomorrow, and then heading to bed for some well-deserved sleep. *yawn*

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Eileen said...

Dad. tsk tsk. Tell him he better get better right now!