Sunday, August 10, 2008

We Interrupt This Blog For An Important Announcement:

Last Saturday, August 2nd, Paul McCartney (yes, THE Paul McCartney) was spotted at a gas station in Springfield, Illinois!

No joke.

Here is a link to the Springfield State Journal-Register article:

What's funny to me is that this sighting happened the same night that "Band On the Run", a Paul McCartney and Wings tribute band, was playing at Decatur Celebration. Can you imagine how funny it would have been if Sir Paul and his lady were driving through Decatur and heard THAT?

We now continue with our regularly scheduled posting . . .


Ree said...

Hee! How cool is that?

Eileen said...

Ok I'll admit it- that's pretty darn cool.

Swishy said...

HOW RANDOM! I love it!