Sunday, August 17, 2008

Decatur Celebration, Part 3 - More Saturday

Our Saturday evening band was The Smithereens.


Now, I only remembered one song by them, "A Girl Like You", which I really liked, but I didn't know anything else that they did. We figured it would be a pretty decent show - - and we were NOT disappointed.

The band bus showed up, and the guys got out and come backstage. They were very friendly and personable, but tired. They had gotten into town very late the night before from a show. Hospitality showed them where their green room was, and we figured that was the last we would see of them until sound check.

Sound check:


We were SO wrong!

The guys wanted to spend time out where the people were! They love their fans, and were great with all of us working stage. Not a big ego in the bunch, which is a very refreshing change from some of the performers we have dealt with in the past!

Showtime came, and they put on a helluva show both times:


During their second set, they did their song, "A Girl Like You", but with a twist - - in the middle of the song, they seuged into "Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who, and then back into "A Girl Like You" . . . and it was awesome!

After both shows, they spent a lot of time signing autographs and visiting with their fans:

I happened to be standing backstage with Jimmy Babjack, the lead guitar player, and I thanked him for being so nice to all their fans and all of us also. He seemed amazed that I would even say that! He told me that the fans and the people working stage is what it is all about - - that without them, the band was nothing! I told him that we had dealt with a lot of performers who didn't seem to feel that way, and he said, "Well, those guys are a$$holes then! They just don't get it!" I had to laugh - - and told him that he and his bandmates very obviously DID "get" it! Great, great guys.

These guys are so nice - - they can come back and visit us any time!

I leave you with a video of The Smithereens, circa 1989, doing the song "A Girl Like You" - - enjoy!

Be sure to check out YouTube for more Smithereens videos - - they really are a talented bunch of guys! And, did I mention how nice they were? I did? Oh - - okay . . .

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