Friday, August 22, 2008


I'm back home from my hand surgery. Everything went well. My hand is really starting to hurt, but the Vicodin is taking care of business! (oh yeah!)

Typing one-handed is a real bitch, though - - so I'm not doing any more posts until after Monday.

Thanks for all your kind thoughts - - they are very much appreciated!

I hear the recliner calling me - -



Or maybe it's Carmichael-kitty calling me? Who knows - - all I know is, this is where I plan on spending most of my time this weekend. And yes, Carmie-kitten will be there as well, keeping my lap nice and warm.

More later.


Eileen said...

You look quite melllllllllllllllow. You let that hubby take care of you and rest up.

Ree said...

Rest! We'll be here waiting.

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