Saturday, April 15, 2006

Well, Here It Is - - Finally

Yes, I am FINALLY able to get some computer time and catch you all up on how our Indiana trip went last weekend! *whew* It's been quite a week!

SO - - here we go - -

We left last Saturday morning, pulling out at 6:00 a.m. *yawn* But we figured we needed that much time for stops along the way for breakfast, gas, maybe an antique shop or three, so evern though I was looking through an early morning fog (inside my head, that is), off we went.

We stopped in Sullivan at a little cafe on the Square called "The Spot", which is the local gathering place for all the farmers in the area to drink their coffee and talk about the weather. It also has great food. Our waitress was a cute little thing, and she knew it. She kept giving Dear Hubby Steve the eye when she thought I wasn't looking. He kept denying it, but couldn't any longer when she brought us our check, and had drawn a heart next to his order! (heh heh heh). When we finally got out to the Jeep, he looked REAL uncomfortable, and I couldn't quit laughing. What can I say? He's an attractive man, and I would be crazy to deny it, or get mad if someone else notices it. But his reaction was priceless.


As we got ready to pull off, I turned around and noticed the sign above the front door of the cafe, that advertised their specials - - which gave us an idea of what kind of weekend this was going to be . . . . .
Folks, you can't make this stuff up . . . . wonder if the local police noticed . . . . :-)

The next stop was in Charleston - - at the Rural King store, of course (yeah yeah - - the FARM STORE again!). And, as usual, I found whole lots of nifty "stuff". It also gave us time to stretch our legs and walk off a bit of our breakfast.

Then it was time to get back on the road and head for the Indiana border. The weather was beautiful, a little cool, partly sunny, and we made very good time. We stopped again in Terre Haute at a great Antique Mall, run by a very nice young couple. After wandering around and finding a few little "treasures", we got back on the road again.

We stopped for lunch in the little town of Linton, Indiana, at the local Dairy Queen. We like the little locally-owned franchises in small towns, because the food is usually really good. We weren't disappointed this time, either. As we were leaving Linton, we noticed a small antique store, and decided to pull in. It was an old three-story house, with every floor full of neat stuff, and the basement was full also. We found lots of little goodies there, and had a great time talking with the owner, a really nice older lady with a delightful sense of humor.

One thing about really small towns - - you usually find some pretty neat places to see, and sometimes meet some really great folks - - but I would NEVER, EVER want to live in one - - EVER AGAIN! Been there, done that - - will NOT repeat the experience. :-)

We got to the Church for the Anniversary party right at 1:00. It was a nice time, but the only people there that I knew were my in-laws, and another couple from Highland who knew the guests of honor.

Now - - I have been told in the past that a "Bored Liz Is Trouble" . . .

SO - - not wanting to disappoint, I set off amusing myself - - at my mother-in-law's expense, of course . . . that poor lady - - she is SUCH fun to pick on! :-)

I thought I was being pretty quiet and sneaky about things, but then Linda, one-half of the guests of honor, came up to our table and asked me, "Have you been having fun playing?" I turned beet red, and Linda had a good laugh at my expense. Apparently she had been watching the antics going on at our table, and was having a lot of fun with it.

Oh well - - at least the time went faster!

After the party, we headed out to their house for a brief visit, We got there before they did, which gave me a chance to make friends with a couple of their barn cats. What lovable little things they were! Then everyone else showed up to the house, so we had a chance to chat a bit before leaving to head up to Indianapolis.

I'll tell about the second leg of the trip in the next post. Again, thanks for stopping by, and comments are always welcome! :-)


Bill said...

Another great trip! Thanks for sharing it... I like reading about the fun you two have together!

(I posted the Indy pic today)

Bill said...

Liz.. if you get a minute, stop over to Maryan's new place:

She's just getting started but we built the whole site together, I handled most of the real 'tech' stuff, but she organized it.

I hope y'all are doing well!