Monday, April 03, 2006

Mini-Road Trip

Dear Hubby Steve and I had planned on going to Mattoon (about 40 miles away) to do some browsing and stuff Sunday, but when we woke up, the weather did NOT look promising. Rain, wind, thunder, lightning . . .

But then the sky cleared, and even though it was WINDY and VERY cool, we decided to head on out. The forecast called for some pretty bad storms, but they were forecast for later in the afternoon.

SO - - after shaking off the "groggies" from losing the hour from clock-resetting (curse you, Daylight Savings Time!), we finished up breakfast and the paper, got ready, and headed on out.

Our first stop was Rural King. Oh, I can hear you now - - WOW, a FARM store - - you guys really know how to live life on the edge, don't ya?

Stop that.

That is ONE FUN STORE! In fact, I always find more in there than Steve does! They have food, kitchen stuff, clothes, candles, garden and lawn decorations, and all kinds of neat "stuff".

So just stop.

And - - just for the record - - I ain't no farm girl! And I have cousins in New York City who will help me prove my point! ^-^


After Rural King, we went to lunch at McHugh's, which is kinda like a Krekel's (but if you don't live in my town, you have no idea what the helll I'm talking about!) They are mostly burgers and fries and drinks, and it's strictly drive-thru, and it's CHEAP . . .

And the hamburgers were awesome! We had never eaten there before, but Steve's cousin always raves about it. So we tried it. She was right!

If you are ever in Mattoon or Charleston and just want a quick, cheap meal, I highly recommend McHugh's.

After lunch, we went to Big Lots, where I found BUNCHES of stuff. That store is huge, and ever aisle we saw something we wanted. I bought mostly stuff for the house, and got lots of ideas for the new house.

We then went to Cross-County Mall, and looked around there a bit. They have an Elder-Beerman store there, and that place is expensive! But I managed to find some cute little clearance items (the ONLY way to buy) and bought some for gifts for friends' birthdays.

We also went to the Home Depot. We don't have one in our city, so we like to look through them when we get a chance. And Dear Hubby found a wonderful bargain - - a outdoor power washer. It will really come in handy when we start getting this place ready put on the market. The siding need cleaning badly! It will also help with cleaning the patio, and any outbuildings we will have at the new place.

AND - - it was on sale. For a GREAT price. He would have been crazy to pass it up!

Well. He IS crazy. But not that way - - the power washer came home with us. Can't wait to try it out.

We finally decided to start on our way back home, and it's a good thing we did. The closer we got to home, the darker the sky started turning. By the time we got home, it was getting darker, and the wind started picking up.

We had been home about 30 minutes, and it started looking really ominous. The cats started pacing. So did I.

Then the tornado sirens went off.

It was a pretty nasty storm. We got lots of rain and wind, but no tornadoes in our immediate area and no wind damage.

So Sunday ended on a not so nice note.

But spending the day with Dear Hubby was a blast, as always. Yes, even in a "farm store" and "Big Lots" and "Home Depot".

I spent it with him, and that's all that mattered! :-)

Thanks for stopping by!


Bill said...

Liz - 1st, I had to 'right click' on the comment link and select open in a new window... to get here, I hope it was a fluke!

2nd, maryan and I can have laughs at the grocery store... Lowes... just about anywhere. I like hearing your tales!

3rd.. So nature decided to give you a 'power wash' huh... careful with that thing... they're addictive.. Just so you know, they don't work very well on a gravel driveway! :)

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...


I don't intend to use it on a gravel driveway - - but it might be fun to watch what it does!

Hope the "right click" was a fluke - - I haven't changed any settings, so maybe it way. Let me know if it happens again though, and I'll check it out further.

You and Maryan sound a lot like Steve and I. We can get into a fit of giggles anywhere! He just makes it fun, no matter where we are, or what we are doing. Ah, love - - makes us silly - - makes us stupid sometimes - - but damn, I'm having fun! :-)