Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Story of Lil Dude - Part Three (Sunday/Monday)

The next morning, it was back to business as usual - - the kitten would come out long enough to eat, follow our two cats around, and play with toys when we were not in the same room, but if it caught sight of either of us, it was time to hide under something safe. I was just dying to get my hands on the little furball, just to let it know it was safe and we meant no harm, but it was not to be. Both Mr. Dizzy and I were avoided like we carried the plague.

Mr. Dizzy took the pet gate back to Menard's and got his money back, since it obviously was not doing the situation any good. We figured the more the little baby wandered around and got comfortable in our house, the sooner we could get close to it (hopefully). But the whole day Sunday and the whole evening was exactly the same, and we finally gave up and called it a day.

Monday I was sick. Sinuses, headache, feeling lousy. So, I stayed home. The kitten came closer to me as I was laying on the couch, almost within arm's reach, but the minute I would try, it would scamper off. I was dozing a lot and each time I would wake up, it would be close to me, but again, each time I reached out my hand, it would back off.

About mid-afternoon I headed back to the bedroom to take a nap in a more comfy spot, and saw the little baby on my bed. Before it could run out of the room, I shut the door so we were both in there. It took off and hid under the clothes hamper. I laid on the floor and just talked softly to it, and eventually was able to reach my hand under the hamper and stroke its head. It stiffened up for a moment, but then started relaxing, and the next thing I knew the little baby was purring. Loudly! I kept laying there stroking its head and back, and talking softly, and finally it started pushing into my hand. I took that as a good sign, and was finally able to get a good hold and get it out from under the hamper. I held the kitten in my arms, talking softly, and it kept purring. I put the kitten on the bed and laid down next to it, and we both fell asleep!

That was the definite turning point. From then on, it stopped being so scared of us, although still a bit skittish.

When Mr. Dizzy got home from work I told him about what happened, and he headed into the bedroom to see the little thing. Next thing I knew, they were on the bed together, Mr. Dizzy petting him, the little kitten purring loudly. We FINALLY won it over!

Now to get the little darling to the vet to get checked and find out if it was a Lil Dude or Dudette.....

To be continued.....

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