Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Story of Lil Dude: Part Six (the following week)

The next week I decided that even though Dude was going to another home, hopefully soon, it was still my responsibility to look after his health and welfare (and the welfare of my home as well). So I decided to cal the Vet and set up a time to get Dude neutered and all his shots. Not only would this help out A with the expense of a new pet, which would be difficult for her on top of all the moving/house expenses, but it would keep my two furbabes safe and also my furniture - - once he was neutered, he would not be spraying the place!

Friday came, and it was time to go to the Vet. I loaded up Dude in the carrier and took him in. This visit would consist of an overnight stay so that he could be monitored after the surgery to make sure there were no complications.

The hardest thing for me was walking out of there and leaving that little guy behind....he was mewing pitifully, and looking out the carrier door at me so sadly....I had to get a grip on myself. There would be NO getting attached to this adorable little guy!

As I drove off, I felt so guilty! It was just a couple of weeks earlier that someone had put him in a car, dumped him out and deserted him; left him for dead. I felt like I had betrayed the little guy - - deserted him. Even though I knew better, I was really worried about how he was feeling, how scared he must be.

I'm just too damn soft-hearted where cats are concerned. *sigh*

The following day I went back to the Vet to pick him up. As they brought the carrier out, Dude didn't see me at first - - but when I walked up to the counter and peered inside and said, "Hey, little guy" - - his eyes opened up wide, and he got so excited his whole body just started quivering! He started meowing and rubbing my hand against the carrier door. He was just so happy!

Dude laid in the carrier and just watched me the whole trip back home. He just laid there, purring and looking very content. When we got back home, we let him out and he just started running through the place as if he couldn't contain himself!

Uh-ohhhh - - he's feeling at home, and I'm getting totally attached.....

A had better find a home for herself and Lil Dude, and it better be quick.....

To be continued.......

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