Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Story of Lil Dude - Part Seven (The Rest of the Story)

Life got busier by the day at work. A had many projects going, and little time to do anything else. She was able to find a house she liked and made an offer, which was rejected. Then things stepped up even more, and she had virtually no time to house-hunt for awhile.

Lil Dude kept worming his way into our hearts - - gotta admit, the little guy is GOOD! His favorite thing seems to be coming up into our bed in the middle of the night and curl up on my stomach, purring. Then, he moves himself around until he is sleeping right in-between us, with my arm around him and his head on my shoulder....and he purrs himself (and me) to sleep.

How can I let go of THAT?? Well, the answer is - - I can't.

Mr. Dizzy and I were talking a couple of weeks ago, and he said, "You know, I think he is going to have to stay with us." I just about did cartwheels for joy! (That would NOT have been a pretty sight, believe me!) I had been worried that I actually would have to give up the little guy, and every time the thought crossed my mind, my heart would break a little. Yes, I know there was NO WAY we were keeping him, and NO WAY I would get attached to him.....but apparently Lil Dude had other ideas. It's amazing how such a little guy like that can take down two big ol' people like me and Mr. Dizzy. But he did.

I broke the news to A the following day, and she completely understood. She, too, had been wondering how Lil Dude would react being taken away from us and the other two cats, and being in a house alone with her and her brother, with no other cats around. I promised her that when she did get a house and moved in and settled, I would help her find her own little black kitty - - we may take a road trip to Springfield Animal Protective League (best place EVER to find a pet!) or, a classmate of mine has lots of cats on her farm, and she just informed me that she has two black kittens that need a home.

So someday A will have a "Lil Dude" of her own. But, THIS Lil Dude is happily settled in his "forever home" with me and Mr. Dizzy, along with big brother Carmichael and big sister Squeak. And it's all good.

NEXT - - a wrap-up of Lil Dude in pictures!

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