Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Story of Lil Dude: Part Five (Friday-Sunday)

One of my co-workers, A, who works in the office next door to mine, has always wanted a black kitten, ever since she had read a book as a child about a little black kitten named Gink. So, I decided she was one person to start with in our efforts to find Lil Dude a new home. She agreed to come out over the weekend and meet the little guy and see what she (and him) thought of each other.

Over the next couple of days we noticed that Dude's balance problems had cleared up, validating our feelings that the ear mites problem was to blame. Also, he was really starting to come into his own special little personality - - play, play, play, as hard as he could, but the minute one of us would walk up to him, he would stop, roll over onto his back, and meow for his "belly rub". He also seemed to love it when I would sing "Belly Rub, Belly Rub" to him very would just make him purr even harder! Weird cat.....

He also decided at night that he would sleep with Mom (which he had decided was ME). He would walk between us on the bed, and curl up next to me, with my arm around him, and purr himself (and me) to sleep.

This little guy was pulling out all the stops to try to win us over to keep him. But that was NOT going to happen. Absolutely NOT. For sure. Definitely. NOT.

Really. Seriously.

Sunday came and A came by to meet The Dude (aka Gink) and see what they thought of each other. Dude was a bit hesitant at first, but soom started in playing and being his usual adorable self. A fell totally in love (how could she help herself?) and said yes, she did want him. However, there was a catch - - but isn't there always? *sigh* She still lived with her parents since she had moved back to town and was in the process of looking for a place of her own. Until she found one, she couldn't take Dude to her parent's house. I told her he was fine right where he was at, and when she found a place, he was hers.

And we left it at that.

Now all A needed to do was find a place to call home for herself and Lil Dude/Gink. How hard could that be?

To be continued.....

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