Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Snow Day Update

Well, the Banana Chocolate Chip Bread is baked.

The Blueberry Bread is baking as I am typing this.

The whole house smells WONDERFUL!! :-)

Both cats are asleep on the bed - - I did Callie's favorite thing - - folding her favorite fuzzy throw into 4ths, then placing the heating pad between the layers (only turned up to 2 on the heat dial). She LOVES that! She has spent most of the day on it, and has even been so kind as to share part of it with Carmichael! They look so cute curled up sleeping together - - it's tempting to go join them for a nap!

But I still have Blueberry Bread baking, so it's probably best to stay awake . . ..

The snow and wind have died down quite a bit now. At 10:30 a.m. we were downgraded from a Blizzard Warning to a Winter Weather Advisory until 4:00 p.m. We have probably 10 inches of the cold white stuff out there, and some pretty awesome drifts! And it just looks cold out there. *brrr*

I've only been out of the house twice - - once to step over to the garage and get something from the freezer, and the other time to do some "maintenance" - - we lost Satellite signal. No TV? Oh no!! SO - - I put on my coat, gloves, boots, and hiked around the corner of the house. Sure enough, the dish was full of snow - - brushed it all out, went back inside - - picture was back! That's one of the very few times we have lost signal since we got the Satellite dish last May. Some people may consider it a pain to have to go out and do that, but the good things GREATLY outweigh the bad! 180 channels, plus a whole bunch of Sirius Satellite Radio stations . . . and it's cheaper than our expanded basic cable cost us. (Hey, I'm no fool!)

Well, the timer just went off - - need to go check the Blueberry Bread!


Bill said...

We've got one cat down with a bladder infection... I just love giving pills to a cat!! :)

Man, I could stand some of the blueberry bread... I can almost smell it!

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...


I absolutely HATE having to give cats medicine - - what a royal pain! (Literally - - those teeth and claws are SHARP!)

The Banana Bread and Blueberry Bread turned out excellent! Too bad you don't live closer - - you could have come by for breads and coffee and "car talk" with Steve! :-)

Bill said...

One of these days Maryan and I are going to take a trip up your way... I'll just have to give you enough notice so we can do just that!

As for the cats... and medicine... the trick is to roll your fingers of one hand into the sides of their mouth and fold their 'lips' in between their teeth and your fingers... then, very quickly slip that pill all the way to the back of their mouth and hold it shut until they swallow.

I learned the trick (with dogs) from the vet, and have found it wrks very well with the cats, but their mouth is so small it's tough to get my fat fingers right... but.. so far, so good and 'precious' is recovering nicely!