Monday, March 06, 2006


Well, I made it through the whole day. Somehow.

By mid-afternoon, my energy level was dipping pretty low, but eventually 5:00 p.m. rolled around, and I was on my way out. *whew* Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Dear Hubby and I met a couple of friends for dinner this evening. About the middle of the day, I wasn't sure I was gonna be up for it, but everything worked out. It was fun - - some of these friends we have are just. not. right. But that's what makes it such fun! :-)

But it's getting late, and I'm exhausted. Tomorrow is another day, and hopefully will be a little easier to get through.


Before I sign off, I'm asking for best wishes for my friend JT. He is one of my many College alumni who consider me their "College Mom", and he is going through a rough spot. Last week when he was at the College attending a concert over noon hour, he had a tooth break. Part of it fell out, part stayed in. Then the exposed nerve started throbbing. Then hurting even more. I got him some extra strength aspirin, and got him to my office so he could contact his dentist and his mom for a ride. When he called me back later, he told me the dentist couldn't see him until Thursday, but he was to go to the Emergency Room that even when they had a dental person on staff. Last update from our mutual friend Ann is that he is really drugged up on pain medicine, and antibiotics, for a severe infection. He is having surgery tomorrow to take care of things.

Get better soon, JT. I'll be thinking about you. Come back out to the College and see "Mom" when you feel better.


Off to bed for me - - thanks for stopping by . . . 'night *yawn*

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