Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Hate Working On Saturdays.....

But sometimes it happens. Today we had a workshop for new and returning part-time instructors. It was a pretty interesting, fast-paced day, but of course you always have "glitches" that happen. This time? It was nothing to do with the session, the presenters, or anyone or anything connected to the college - - it was with Panera's. Yup, the bagel place.

The office coordinating the workshop ordered breakfast and lunch from the local Panera's last week. Everything was paid for in advance; all that needed to be done today was to pick up the breakfast foods in the morning, and the lunchboxes before lunch. Easy-peasy, right?

Yeah, not so much.

My coworker got there a little after 8:00 AM. They didn't have the order rung up or waiting for her; they made her stand in line, and then wait while they got it rung up and got her a receipt. Before she left she checked to make sure the lunch order would be ready; oh, lunch? Better check on that - - um, yeah, maybe you had better do that. Once the lunch order was verified, she was finally able to take off and head out to the college so we could get all set up for the 9:00 AM start. 

I left to head across town to Panera's about 10 minutes after 11:00 AM to pick up the lunches and have them back in time to get lunch all set up and ready for the Noon break. Got there, told the cashier that I was there to pick up 30 lunches for {college}, and she said to me, "Oh, is it an order you have already placed?"

Um, no, sweet pea - - I just decided to randomly come in off the street and see how fast you all can scramble and make me 30 box lunches.

I would have LOVED to be able to say that out loud. But, I just bit my lip, and said "Yes" - - she got me a manager who verified the order. I thought I was in luck....he grabbed the big bags and helped me carry them out, and off I headed back to the college to set up.

Once I got everything carted inside and started setup, I noticed - - something is not quite right here - - I'm counting boxes - - and instead of 30 lunches? They gave me 20. But the receipt was for 30.


I headed back out, calling the manager as I'm in the car driving back. He goes back into the cooler to check - - yup, there is another bag! Ha ha, gee whiz, I totally overlooked that one. Ha ha, sorry, my fault. Can I come pick it up? Since we DO NOT deliver on weekends?

Well hey, asshat, I'm already on my way. Please be ready, because I will not stand in line.

He met me at the door of Panera's and brought the bag out to me. Along with a bag of pastries and cookies to "make up" for his mistake.Buddy, that doesn't even come close to making it up in my book.

When I left Panera's, I had four minutes before lunch was scheduled. FOUR. MINUTES.

I was late.

Fortunately, the speaker ran a few minutes over. I had just enough time to schlep everything in and set it up, and they hungry crowd was ready to eat.


This is the FOURTH time I have had bad luck at our local Panera's in the past year - - both food-wise and customer service-wise. I refuse to go there anymore because of it. The only reason I went this time? It was for work, and I was picking up for someone else.

If I never darken their door again, it will be WAYYYYY too soon. I wish we could get an Einstein's Bagel here in town and run Panera's out of business.

Update on pictures: With the hectic day working, I have not had the chance to try and figure out how to get the pictures of the State Fair off my phone. But tomorrow I am going get Mr. Dizzy to help me - - he's so good at that kind of thing!

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