Thursday, August 09, 2012

Decatur Celebration, Day 3 - Winding Down

Sunday was a BEAUTIFUL day! The temps were in the 80's, it was partly sunny, and there was a nice breeze. So why is it, of the 3 days, this was the ONLY day I got any sunburn? My whole neck was red! Fortunately, it looked worse than it felt, and with a bit of aloe to take out the sting, it was all good.....

We had a very busy day on the Show Stage on Sunday. Our first two shows were the Boat Drunks, a Jimmy Buffet Tribute Band:

They were supposed to put on two shows, but..... of course things can't just good smoothly and as planned, can they? It turned out that Billy Ocean's flight plans had been delayed (does that sound familiar?) and he and his band would be running a bit late. So a decision had to be made - - either have the second show of the Boat Drunks, or have Billy Ocean's band soundcheck, but there was no way with the scheduling restraints that both could happen. (With 10 stages, times have to be coordinated so that one band does not interfere with another stage's band)

So the decision was made to cancel the second show for the Boat Drunks, and the setup/soundcheck for Billy Ocean was underway.

(A side note about this? We had spent a LOT of time backstage, blowing up beach balls for the band to throw out during their second set. I now have them here in my office, looking for a home. Beach volleyball, anyone?)

Soundcheck got completed, and the sound of the music started bringin the crowds. They started piling in. And piling in more. And was actually getting a bit "scary" the closer it got to showtime. And unfortunately, Billy Ocean himself was delayed - - for his 8:00 show, he got here on the grounds approximately 8:05. They whisked him off to the dressing rooms, and in about 15 minutes, he was out, on stage, and performing his heart out. So his show may have gotten a 20 minute late start, but he performed an incredible show. And the crowd loved him. LOVED him.

Once the show was finished and he came offstage, he did something that made me realize what a good, sweet man he was, and has endeared him to me forever - - backstage was a Celebration Board Member, with a young boy in a wheelchair. As Mr. Ocean was walking back towards the dressing room area, surrounded by 3 or 4 security people, he stopped, said "Wait a minute" and knelt down by the wheelchair to have his picture taken. The look on that young boy's face - - oh my, I am ready to tear up here - - well, he just BEAMED.

Add that to the fact that in the following "Meet and Greet" that some fans were lucky enough to attend went on FOREVER (he loved meeting and talking with each and every fan) ..... he is a very kind, sweet man. I am so glad he came to our festival, and feel honored to not only have seen him perform, but got to see him in the close proximity of backstage.

We got home late, tired and sweaty, achy, and SO ready for sleep! Monday was going to be a L-O-N-G, sleepy day.

But it was well worth it. Looking forward to next year!

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