Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Decatur Celebration, Day 1 - Kickoff

The Mr. and I got downtown to the Stage around3:30 PM Friday afternoon. Downtown streets had been blocked off since about 5:00 AM and stage construction started. By the time we got there our stage was completely built, and most of the equipment for the Opening Ceremonies and the night's band was set up. The weather was nice - - hot, but slightly overcast and a nice breeze, so it was easier to tolerate the heat.

We got our first inkling of trouble when our stage manager was told that Mitch Ryder's flight had been delayed - - and delayed again - - and delayed AGAIN....... and finally that he was not going to be able to make it for the first show. Fortunately, Michael "Supe" Granda and his band was there, and in a pinch could do the show, with Mitch to be there to share the stage with him for the second set.

Ten minutes before showtime for the first set, we got the news - - his flight had been cancelled due to mechanical difficulties. So the main headliner for the first night was not going to be there AT ALL. 

*sigh*  GREAT......

But Supe, being the professional he is, stepped up to do BOTH full sets, so that the show would go on.

Now granted, it was not my type of music - - kinda folk, a bit country, just not for me - - but he was a very nice man, humorous, a bit ornery, and both he and his band were excellent musicians and performers. And, if it had not been for him, the main stage would NOT have had any entertainment on it that night, at all. So I give definite "kudos" to Supe Granda and his band for stepping up and giving a good show!

Tomorrow - - Day 2: Brutal heat, and other good stuff.

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