Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: A Reflection

Wow....2010 is basically over. This year has flown by! And as every other year, there have been good things and bad things.....

The early part of the year saw us spending a lot of time helping out our daughter-in-law in the aftermath of the divorce - - with banking, child support, getting everything switched over to her name. It had been so many years since my first marriage ended, I had forgotten how much there was to do! It took quite a while, but we finally helped her get all squared away.

Things were pretty quiet over the summer, but once September arrived, everything started happening! I had foot surgery on September 7th, and spent the next 2 months using a kneewalker scooter to get around. I was also off work on Medical Leave for 4 weeks, which would have been nice if I could have gotten up and done something! Also, Dear Mr. Dizzy's building construction started September 8th, so he was home on vacation not only for that, but to help me the first 2 weeks following my surgery.

September also found us fighting with the bank over the construction loan, thanks to an incompetent appraiser the bank used to evaluate our property. What a total bastard he was. And still is. And more than likely always will be. This whole deal has turned out much harder to deal with than it had to be, thanks to him. And has caused us more than our share of sleepless nights. If you ever want to know who NOT to hire for an appraisal, just contact me. I will be more than happy to share his name with you! Anything I can to do lose the SOB some business.

In November, I was finally released by the Doctor to be able to do some things - - so I went to Fairview Heights for a weekend of shopping and "girl time" with my Classmates ladies group. St. Claire's Square Mall, Joe's Crab Shack for dinner, an overnight at the Drury Inn....and my foot took it all in stride (no pun intended).

Christmas found us hosting Mr. Dizzy's family for dinner, with my Father coming up and spending the weekend with us as well. There were so many people in the house, and so much laughter and raucous noise, the cats all hid in closets! In fact, after everyone left, we could not find Lil Dude at all - - we were worried that one of the kids had accidently let him slip out of the house. But after turning the whole house upside-down, Mr. Dizzy found him, hiding all scrunched up in the back of my closet. Once it quieted down, he eventually screwed up his courage and came out, but was pretty jumpy the rest of the evening.

And now here it is New Year's Eve. It will be a fairly quiet one for us again this year - - we don't like to go out and do much this evening - - leave the hard partying to the kids, and we will stay home and pray they don't hurt themselves. Mr. Dizzy and I will just go out for a nice meal, get home early, and spend the rest of the evening at home, enjoying each other's company. I don't think it can get any better than that.

So in closing, I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year, and that 2011 is a very good year for you and yours!


Travis Erwin said...

Happy New Year to you and you hubby. Tell him thanks for the jokes.

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...

The same to you and yours, Travis! And Dear Mr. Dizzy says that if it has to do with Texar or teh Post Office, he will be forwarding them on to you! :)