Monday, September 27, 2010

Grace In Small Things: 38/2010

What I am grateful for this week:
  • A knitting "play date" with my dear friend Judy, who taught me to knit a couple of years ago....I was going stir-crazy and needed the company - - thanks, Judy!
  • Wendy's BLT Cobb Salad for supper...yum!
  • Squeaky-girl kitty cuddling up with me in the early morning, keeping me nice and warm
  • Sachima (a Chinese snack cake) from my dear friend Lily....she knows how much I love it!
  • As usual, my Dear Mr. Dizzy, for taking such good care of me during my surgery recovery. Yes, blessed I am.....
Count your blessings - - join Grace In Small Things.

1 comment:

Travis Erwin said...

Knitting, salad, and kitty cuddling. Three of my least favorite things.

I'll blame it on the anesthesia. ;)