Sunday, August 22, 2010

State Fair Time!

Saturday Mr. Dizzy and I took a road trip to Springfield to the Illinois State Fair. We were meeting friends of ours who were coming down from Chicago to spend the day at the Fair as well. Here are some of the "highlights" that we saw while we were there.....

When we first walked in the gate of the Fairgrounds, we saw this guy:
Guess you should never go anywhere without your goat.....

And, I guess this guy was jonesin' for some breakfast - - Mini-dounts, breakfast of champions:

I had heard of this stuff, but never experienced it before now:
Never thought I would say this, but chocolate covered bacon really isn't half bad!

Went into the Artisan's Building, and saw this guy:
Yes, that is Mountain Dew bottles....

We also saw this little fellow:
He is made totally out of milk jugs and staples.

Heh. I can't make this stuff up.....

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