Thursday, August 12, 2010

BLAZING Heat....

It's hot here in Central Illinois.

Uncomfortably, miserably so.

Not just the kind of normal Summer weather you would, we are talking temps in the high 90's, high humidity, and Heat Indices (feels like) temps in the triple digits. Anywhere from 105-125. Degrees. Fahrenheit.

No, that is not a typo.

Yeah, it's not fun.

I grew up LOVING Summer. LOVING it. I was always outside, always playing, you could hardly get me to come in the house. But these days? You can hardly get me to leave it!

Don't get me wrong here - - I will still take warm weather over Winter any time! I hate being cold, and during the Winter months never seem to be able to get warm enough.

But a Heat Index of 125? Degrees? Fahrenheit?

No thanks, had enough.

I can has my usual Summer weather back now? Please?

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Violet said...

Same here! Love summer...LOVE warm/hot weather. But it's been too hot to even walk down to the pool at my new apartment complex.

It's supposed to be a bit less hot (can't say cooler, that would just be wrong!) today, so maybe I'll venture out.

I will. not. complain about the heat, though - when I start, I remind myself about how much I HATE being cold and that stops me.