Monday, April 19, 2010

Grace In Small Things: 16/2010

Things I am grateful for this week:
  • The positive feedback we have received, via e-mail and phone calls, from people all over the country (!!) who attended our Conference Presentation in Chicago last weekend. Quite a (much needed) ego boost!
  • Carmichael-kitty curled up in my lap, head-bumping my hand as I try to type this post. What a lovable little beast . . .
  • Sunshine and warm temps outside, making my apple and cherry trees bloom, and my strawberry bed grow!
  • Spending all day yesterday with my grandsons (SO worn out today!)
  • Andes Chocolate Mint Brownies baking in the oven. The whole house smells so good!

Count your blessings - - join Grace In Small Things.

1 comment:

Travis Erwin said...

A strawberry bed sounds good until you wake up with all those little damn seeds stuck to your cheek.