Monday, December 01, 2008


Very much so.

Yesterday we woke up, and the ground was covered with the first snowfall of the season. It wasn't too bad, though, because a lot of the grass was still showing through, and the driveway and roads were still clear. Hmmm - - not TOO bad, I guess. I can handle this.

BUT - -

This morning I got up, and everything was covered. COVERED. And, the wind had kick up, with gusts up to 30 MPH. Blowing and drifting everywhere. Slip-sliding into work this morning. Drifts all across the roads at lunchtime (thank goodness for 4-wheel drive!).

I am NOT ready for this! But then, I never am.

Mother Nature, you can bring Spring back any time now!



Eileen said...

See I like to look at snow- but I hate to drive in it. That's why I live here- no snow. It's on the mountain- I can see it- but I don't have to drive in it.

Violet said...

Spring! Heck, let's jump straight to summer and never move out again!

I almost think these early snows are worse than the ones in Jan/Feb because we're not ready for them and the roads seem to get icier than later in the winter. I narrowly avoided two accidents on my way home from work...and I have to go out later to pick someone up at the airport.

Ugh - it's not even actually winter yet.

Ree said...

Oh, me, too. We have it all over the yard and deck - and my guess is it's not melting anytime soon dammit.

Bina said...

I wish it would snow here. It's gets really cold, and I wouldn't mind the cold AS MUCH, if there were snow to show for it!!!!!