Friday, December 05, 2008

It's Holiday Bazaar Time! **UPDATE**

The Bazaar went great! In spite of the nasty weather, we had lots of business. I have more to tell, but right now we are busy clearing out the garage so we can actually PARK in it, and I won't have to scrape the windshield in the morning anymore . . . which will be a very, very good thing.

More later (and pictures, too).

My "Second Annual Holiday Bazaar" is tomorrow, and it's bigger and better than last year. We have 4 people involved in it this year, and have Holiday items galore - - baked goods, Avon, Stained Glass Ornaments, crafts . . . you name it, we probably got it!

Should be fun - - pictures will follow . . .

Wish us luck!


Bina said...

Lots of luck!

You know what I don't see anymore? Tupperware. I really, really want some tupperware. You got any of that?? LOL

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Park in the garage? What kind of crazy talk is that? Why that is as crazy an idea as actually VOTING for your Senator! ;)