Monday, November 17, 2008

Sometimes I Hate My ISP **UPDATE**


SO! In spite of the fact that our ISP insisted (yes, they DID!) that the problem was NOT their equipment and was on OUR END . . .

They were WRONG!

Mr. Dizzy just called and told me their serviceman was up on our roof replacing the receiver, which had gone bad.


Our Internet connections has been down for almost a week now.

Our ISP says their system shows it's coming in to our house.

It's not reaching either one of our computers.

Our ISP says it's our router.

We unplugged our router, hooked up one of our computers directly into their box. STILL nothing.

SO - - they are coming out "sometime this afternoon" to look at it. (Yeah, thanks for the consideration of MY time and MY work schedule!)


Hopefully I will be back online this evening and can get the post I've been working on put up on this here blog!

Keep your fingers crossed . . .

1 comment:

Ree said...

If that happened in this house, you may as well look for us in the nearest wireless cafe. Because we wouldn't be hanging around the house. ;-)