Thursday, November 20, 2008

Exciting Stuff!

We are getting a front porch built on our house!

They were going to start next week, but contacted us to see if they could start earlier, and we said that would be great! I was getting ready for work this morning, and noticed the contractors were already parked in the driveway.

I will post pictures soon!


Travis Erwin said...

One of these days I'm going to build a house with a huge front porch. Hope yours turns out well.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

I just hope it goes better than your bathroom floor project!

Ree said...

Porches are awesome. I love me some porch time. ;-) Well, in the summer anyway.

Eileen said...

I love front porches. Love em.

Violet said...

Gotta love a porch! You're gonna have a great swing, right? Man, just thinking about a porch swing makes me all zoney.

Hiya from Urbana!