Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Tree, Stage Two: Uh-Ohhhhh . . .

I was home all weekend.

Furbabies never ever paid a bit of attention to the tree. All day long, they acted as if there was nothing out of the ordinary in that corner of the sunroom.

"Nope, Mom, we don't see anything over there in that corner. Not a thing. You can relax!"


Today we go to work . . .

Instead of coming home at lunchtime as I usually do, we had a Holiday luncheon in my Division, so I stayed on Campus.

When Dear Hubby got home this afternoon, this is what he found:

The best we can figure is that the new little girl, who LOVES to be up high, and who LOVES to jump, launched herself from either the loveseat or the window bench into the tree.

Steve reprimanded both of them (oh yeah, I am SO sure they listened to him, and they have learned their lesson) and put the branches back in where they belonged.

I am determined to have my tree up this year, in spite of the little furry terrorists roaming the rooms of my home.

However, in the spirit of compromise, we have decided that the tree will have lights and garland (up from the bottom row of branches, of course!) but no ornaments except for some jingle bells along the bottom branches (that's our 'alarm system'!).

We also moved the loveseat back, and removed the bench from in front of the window . . . at least we have taken care of TWO of her launching points!

So, here we are - - Stage Two - - White Christmas Tree with blue lights and blue garland:

Stage Three will be adding the topper (I'm still looking for a blue one) and the tree skirt, and then piling packages underneath. We have also decided against putting bows on the packages until just before we take them somewhere - - Carmichael has a SERIOUS ribbon fetish, and our packages often arrive with bows filled with teeth marks . . . *sigh*


EnglishProf said...

Oh, I just had to laugh! We have our artificial tree at Stage II--garland (wide ribbons, not tinsel) and lights. Davita, our "Devil Child," has taken to teething on the tree branches, which makes us absolutely crazy. I am a bit frightened to think about what might happen when the ornaments go on the tree. We have tried spraying her with water, which only temporarily dissuades her, and then she is back at it. [sigh]

kt said...

this is the first year i will have a tree with two very sweet, very curious, very destructive puppies in my house. so far they've ignored it, but i have been breathing a sigh of relief when i come home and it's still intact. maybe i should put the baby gate in front of it just in case..

(hi, btw - i found your blog from shewalks! feel free to check out mine if you'd like) :)