Friday, October 26, 2007

Good Health

Well, I had my quarterly visit with my family doctor today to check on my cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. Pretty good news all the way around!

The cholesterol is down to 189, with the good and bad cholesterol numbers right where the doctor is wanting them.

My blood pressure is 126/72. It's amazing what can happen when the work pressures diminish a bit, isn't it? Guess I really was ready for a change . . .

But - - the best news of all - - is my weight loss. There is a story behind this . . . about 3 years ago, I started having anxiety attacks. The passing of my mother the year before, combined with the stresses at work, started giving me real problems. I couldn't sleep, and if I did, there were all these horrible nightmares. The doctor put me on a medicine to help curb my anxiety, and it worked wonderfully! However, there was a possible side effect - - this medicine could make me gain weight.

Unfortunately, that is what it did . . . *sigh* . . . over 2 years, I gained almost 25 pounds. My anxiety attacks were diminished, but my weight was making me miserable.

After 2 years, the doctor and I decided it was time to try weaning me off the medicine. That was right at a year ago. I immediately rejoined Weight Watchers (I'm a lifetime member) to try to lose the weight, but for some reason, my heart just wasn't in it. It just seemed like Weight Watchers wasn't right for me anymore - - but what to do?

Well, that is when I read something in Crazy Aunt Purl's blog that really hit home - - she calls it "the year of undieting." Like me, she has tried every diet under the sun, with varying degrees of success (or failure). She finally decided that she would NEVER go on a diet again, but use common sense and exercise to achieve her weight loss goal.

Reading about this in her blog really inspired me - - it just seemed to make so much sense! So I started "undieting" also - - making good food choices, walking or working out at the College's Fitness Center, watching my food portions . . . just using plain common sense. But I refused to deprive myself. If I was craving McDonald's french fries (ambrosia from the gods, I swear they are!), sometimes I would allow myself a small order, along with a Diet Coke. And, every now and then, in every life a little chocolate must fall.

Well, guess what? "Undieting" really works! In the last year, I have now lost 16 pounds! I am only 8 pounds away from my goal weight, which is where I was before I started taking the anxiety med.

I feel great - - my blood pressure is down - - my cholesterol is where it should be.

Here's to good health! :)

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DaisyDeadhead said...

I'm jealous! I gained about the same amount of weight you did, due to my choice of medication (reefer), after I also got depressed (empty nest, mother's death, etc)... now it's time for me to do something about it, but I hate giving up cheese/broccoli pot pies!

Nice to find your blog, love the blog name. My mother (who I miss terribly) was in a band with my stepfather in the 60s and played the song "you make me dizzy Miss Lizzy"--which is probably what brought me here... :)