Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Booth 'Stuff'

There has been lots going on at my antique booth lately. We finally found a display case we could AFFORD (those things are expensive!) so we finally got it moved in.

THAT was a challenge! Our booth is on the second floor of the shop, and of course there are no such things as 'elevators' or such . . . so it's quite a chore to get things up there sometimes - - but with the help of a couple of good stout friends, we managed to get it moved up there.

Saturday morning I went over there early to get the case all cleaned up (it's glass on all sides, and had not been cleaned in ages, you could tell!) and got all my glassware in it. I then had to rearrange my booth space so that everything would fit in my allotted 7x7 ft. space.

2-1/2 hours later, it looks really good!

I know some people think I'm crazy for spending so much time up there, especially when my schedule is so hectic, but they have no idea how relaxing it is for me to just 'putter' around up there, and how much I enjoy it!

Next time I get up there, possibly this weekend, I will make sure to have my camera and take a picture to post here. I want to share my special place with all of you!

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Hi! Found your blog, stopping by to say hello!