Friday, February 09, 2007

Finally - - Ameren Came Through!

Well, we got our check from AmerenIP today for the claim we filed due to the damages caused by their screw-up in reconnecting our power.

But you wanna hear the REAL "kicker"????

They deducted $40 from our claim amount. Why? Because of the age of the freezer that was damaged due to THEIR screw-up.


Y'know, the freezer may have had a few years on it, but it worked PERFECTLY. NO PROBLEMS, NONE AT ALL.

And they deducted money from our claim because of the AGE of the freezer????


Oh well - - I'm gonna let this one ride - - at least we got almost all what we were asking for.

But it's "pissing contests" like this that frustrate the hell out of me . . .

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