Tuesday, February 13, 2007


We are under a Blizzard Warning until Midnight today.

They are saying we may have 10-15 inches of snow before it's all over with, and the winds have been strong all day, producing white-out conditions.

It took Dear Hubby Steve an hour to make the 5 minute trip home. He was coming up our road, and there was a car off the road, and a tractor pulling it out. He waited until they got clear, and then the guy on the tractor came up to Steve and told him that there were 3 other cars off the road just a little ways up, and the road was blocked. Steve told him he just had about 1/2 mile to go, and they guy told that is where HIS car was stuck!

SO - - Steve turned around and went up Rt. 48 to Oreana, turned West on County 20 (which he said was TOTALLY treacherous!) and then came down our road from the North. He FINALLY made it home, and boy, was I glad to see him!

He couldn't get his truck parked back in his shop, because there is a drift in front of our house, from the front steps - - all the way in front of our garage - - and across the other drive back to the shop, that is AS TALL AS I AM (I'm 5'6").

I tried to let him in the side garage door, but the snow is so high THERE, that the door is blocked shut!

So he has headed out now and gotten the tractor and scoop bucket out of the barn, and is outside playing in the snow now - - I'm not sure how long it will stay plowed out, because the winds are still howling. They have been 20-30 MPH all day, with gusting up to 45 MPH.

I'm glad they closed campus and I could stay home! Hope things die down tonight so I can make it in tomorrow with minimal problems . . .

Stay in and stay warm!

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