Sunday, June 11, 2006

More Scenes From the Vow Renewal Ceremony

I have finally gotten to the point where I have been able to go through all the pictures, do so cropping, resizing, etc., and now finally have some to post for you!

Cindy and Jerry hamming it up before the Ceremony.
I don't want to tell you what Jerry has in his hand - -
It was a joke gift we all gave him, and is a story in itself!

Bishop Jerry Wood of the Diocese of St. Francis,
United Independent Catholic Churches of America

Bishop Wood officiating the Ceremony
Left to right: Curt, Steve, Liz, Bishop Wood, Judy

Another picture of the Vow Renewal party

View from the other side of the Garden Arch

Another picture from the back of the Garden Arch

Jan (left) and Cindy (right) looking on

The Vow Renewal party

Another picture of the party

Bishop Wood (left) with the happy couple

Steve, Bishop Wood, and Liz

Cindy, Jan, and Judy even gave us a Wedding Cake,
complete with topper!

The traditional cutting of the cake

So there you have it - - it was a wonderful ceremony, with our special friends there with us to help us celebrate.

Looking back over these pictures, I'm reminded all over again how truly blessed Dear Hubby Steve and I to have these wonderful people as friends. They enrich our lives in an undescribable way. Our lives would not be near as good without them!

Thanks to my dear friend Judy for standing up with me; to her husband Curt for standing up with Steve, to Cindy and Jan (and Judy also) for all their hard work making a beautiful reception for us, and of course to our dear friend Jerry, who did a wonderful job of officiating the Ceremony. It was heart-warming and touching, and we could not think of anyone else we would have wanted doing it.

Steve and I love you all!!

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