Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Battle Of the Flu Bug

Alas - - the dreaded Flu Bug has bitten the Jackson household. Not me, thank goodness, but Dear Hubby Steve has fallen victim. There has been a nasty bug going around the area, and when it hits you, it hits FAST and HARD.

Monday evening Dear Hubby was feeling like he was starting a cold. By the time he got up for work Tuesday morning, he felt he had a cold. By the time he got off work Tuesday afternoon, it had already worked its way down into his chest, so he stopped at Doctor's Family Practice to get checked out. By that time, his temp was up to 101.5, and he felt AWFUL. The Dr. not only prescribed him an antibiotic and something to break up the congestion in his chest, but wrote him an excuse and told him to stay home from work. At first he tried to argue that - - what a surprise (not!) - - but then decided that one day would probably do him some good.

Good thing he made that decision.

He was up and down all night, coughing, and feeling generally lousy. He got up this morning long enough to call the Absence Line at Cat, and also call and talk to his supervisor, then piled back down in bed for the day.

He felt LOUSY.

The CATS, however, loved it. They had their DADDY home, and he was nice and WARM!

I'm not sure they were too happy when he started sweating out his fever, though . . . :-)

I called and checked on him a couple of times today from work, but was afraid to call too often, because I didn't want to risk waking him up if he was finally getting some much-needed rest. So I stayed busy (not hard to do in MY job!) so I wouldn't "fret" so much thinking about him.

By the time I got home this evening, he looked as bad as he felt. When he took his temp, it was up near 102 . . . so I fixed him some hot chocolate and made him put on some extra clothing.

Then he finally started sweating it out again. *whew*

His skin is feeling quite a bit cooler now, and not as dry - - so hopefully the "mending" has finally started!

He's staying home again tomorrow. And if he's not LOTS better, I'm taking some time off and taking him back to the Doctor.

I'm not putting up with this crap.

That's my BABY - - my HONEY - - my MAN - -

And I want to be able to do SOMETHING to help him feel better!


I hate feeling this helpless . . . .

Wish Dear Hubby luck in his "Battle of the Flu Bug" - - it may have kicked his A** the past couple of days, but he WILL perservere! :-)

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Bill said...

Ms. Liz.. I hope Steve has beaten the bug back... your telling of his fever reminded me of a time when I was very, very sick with a bug and maryan 'nursed' me back to health with the help of a hot tub.. I may just have to post that story soon.

One of the things I like about long term relationships is the care we tend to give our partners, and they to us... it's a wonderful thing!!

(Our cats seem to like it when I sweat... they're always licking at me when I do)