Sunday, February 19, 2006

Happy Birthday, Babe!!

Today is Dear Hubby Steve's birthday - - and hopefully it has been a good one for him!

My Dad came up from Smalltown and we all went to my in-law's church, where Dear Nephew Travis was preaching today (I like to tease him about having his "student preaching permit" - - *laugh*). Aunt D, Uncle H, and Cousin R came also. Travis did a wonderful job with his sermon! That young man has a very promising future as a minister. We are all very proud of him.

After church service, we all went to my in-law's house to celebrate Dear Hubby's birthday. Quite a crowd there - - me, Steve, my Dad, Steve's parents, Steve's brother and his family, and of course the aunt, uncle, and cousin. Travis also brought his girlfriend with him. So it was a houseful, and it was fun!

Mom-in-law made 5 different kinds of pizza, and had salad and makings for sandwiches for those who didn't want pizza. I provided dessert - - chocolate chunk cookies, peanut butter cookies, and - - OF COURSE - - my world famous BROWNIES! :-) I didn't make anything fancy this time though - - just regular brownies with loads of chocolate chips in them, and then chocolate cream cheese frosting on top.

Then to top it off, I went to Dairy Queen for Dear Hubby's birthday cake. He has been wanting one of their ice cream cakes for a LONG time, so I decided it was time to make his wish come true.

Ever had one of those???

WELLLLLLL - - if not, then you absolutely need to - - they are nothing short of AWESOME . . . . *sigh*

The bottom layer is chocolate ice cream. Then there is a THICK layer of crushed fudgy cookies in the middle, and a layer of vanilla ice cream on top of that.

Then the whole thing is covered with vanilla ice cream "icing", and then decorated to order.


It was wonderful.

Of course, I had to send any brownies and cookies that were left over back to Olivet with the nephew - - he can use the calories, he's too skinny anyway . . . *laugh*

Anyway, it was a pretty good day. Dear Hubby enjoyed it, and that's what matters most.


Your "Sweet Baboo"

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