Thursday, September 29, 2005


Had a dental appointment yesterday. Turned out to be more extensive than anticipated. I'm doing okay now, but my jaw STILL feels like someone sucker-punched me!

It's not the dentist's fault - - I'm not blaming him at all! It just getting the shot at the lower back part of your jaw made that muscle a bit sore, and then spending that much time in the chair with your mouth propped wide open . . .

Just a tad bit uncomfortable, ya know?

I mean, getting a temporary crown placed and two teeth filled all at one time is bound to be uncomfortable, right? (Right, Liz!)

The only good thing about it is that I absolutely adore my dentist. He is the ONLY dentist I have EVER trusted - - EVER! I honestly don't mind going to him, regardless of what needs to be done. He's THAT GOOD. Gentle, compassionate, kind, GREAT sense of humor (ever tried laughing with someone's fingers in your mouth? Umm - - on second thought, don't answer that . . . ).

He and I had a talk one day when I was there for a routine check-up, discussing our personal experiences with "Nazi Dentistry" - - he told me he decided when he started his practice that he was determined not to cause his patients any pain. And he doesn't. There is only one time he caused me any pain, and it absolutely could not be helped. But he felt terrible! He kept apologizing to me over and over, and really felt awful!

I just adore this man.

Dr. Hastings, thank you.

And just for future reference - -
you CANNOT EVER move away - -
you CANNOT EVER retire - -
AND - -
don't even THINK of kicking the bucket - -
I need you around for a LONG, LONG time, doc. Just remember that, okay?

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