Monday, September 26, 2005

Agony - - A - GON - YYYYYY . . . . .

I am in pain.

SERIOUS pain here, folks - -

Can't believe my body hurts this bad.

And it's all my own fault.

Or hubby Steve's - - all depends on how you look at it . ..

I mean - - when he suggested a weekend at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana to walk the trails, I COULD have said "no" - -

I COULD have . . .

I probably SHOULD have . . .

But dumbass me - - I said, "Sure - - sounds like a lot of fun!"

I am SUCH an IDIOT . . . *sigh*

I had in mind walking through the woods and over little bridges over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house we go - - quiet, serene, wandering aimlessly down paths similar to Rock Springs and the bike path.

I was SO wrong. And I'm really paying for it now.

I had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into.

A word of advice to anyone planning a trip over there - - Be prepare to hurt. Pack the Ben-Gay and the ibuprofen. LOTS of each.

Don't get me wrong - - the trails are BEAUTIFUL!! I have never walked through anywhere like this - - I saw a waterfall - - climbed up and down ladders and flights of wooden stairs - - climbed over rock and boulders and walked the creek beds - - watched chimpmunks playing - - saw fishies and froggies and all kinds of beautiful flora and fauna - -

But NO ONE told me the extreme ruggedness of the trails I was going to be navigating - -

Including dear, sweet hubby Steve who is supposed to LOVE ME and TAKE CARE OF ME.


ANYWAY - - we started walking Trail 5, which was not too bad. They we started on Trail 3, which was quite a bit more rugged terrain. It wasn't too bad, though, until - -

Trail 9. *shudder*

The whole damn thing.

Walking in places where there shouldn't even BE a path - - 50-60 foot drops with no guardrails (and I'm no mountain goat, I assure you - - more along the lines of "clumsy ox") - -

Then connecting with parts of Trail 10.

THREE AND ONE-HALF HOURS LATER - - we are back at the truck for lunch . . .

Fell asleep in the back of the truck in the cool breeze afterwards - - Woke up too stiff to move.

My. Whole. Body. HURT.

I have muscles hurting that I never knew existed!!

So the past 2 days I have been living on Advil or Extra Strength Tylenol.

Tomorrow will be better. I hope . . .

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