Sunday, September 18, 2005

The brownies worked . . .

I knew they would. They work every time.

Today we got to see Travis and meet his girlfriend, Renee. I knew she was nervous about meeting us (especially ME, thankyouverymuch, Nephew!!!) - - so of course that meant dragging out the heavy artillery - - massive amounts of chocolate.

I don't think she's scared of us anymore. :-)

We like her. She's a good find. Travis, you done good. Hang on to this one!

It's been a running joke with me and Travis that I kept a baseball bat handy for the time he brought a girl home - - just in case we felt she wasn't good to him. Haven't had to use it yet - - so today I brought it with us! It's just a small plastic bat, with foam rubber padding around it (Steve told him that is so it wouldn't leave marks!). It turned out to be a surprise hit with Renee! She actually took it over and has threatened to use it on Travis if he doesn't behave!

I think I like this girl! :-)

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