Saturday, September 01, 2012

Rough, Rough Week

This has been SUCH a rough week, both here at the Dizzy household, and at work. I am so glad it is finally over!

Some of the "highlights" (if they can be considered that):

~ Lost a coworker this weekend. Mary was a dear, sweet lady, who worked tirelessly supporting students with accommodations. She did so much for the College, and will be truly missed. Her son was a student worker of mine many, many years ago, and was a very nice, hard-working young man who has gone on to do great things with his life. I had not seen him for years, but ran into him with his mother late last Spring. He was getting out of the service and was moving to Korea to work and live. He is back in the States for the funeral, and I will be attending the visitation; not just to see him, but to show my support for Mary and her family. It is a sad, sad time for the College at the moment.

~ We are in the process of not only trying to get things going for the Fall Semester, but also in planning the implementation of a new Learning Management System (LMS) for the College. So not only are we having to deal with the daily mess of the Fall "Nightmare" Semester, we are trying to learn the new LMS, and also the Admin (back) side of the LMS. And THEN creating training materials to train faculty on building courses, and for students to learn how to use it. I nightmare of epic proportions, for sure.

~ The drought has taken its toll on our entire property. Trees are suffering, and the grass is brown and "crunchy".....and we have been worried sick about our well and the possibility of running out of water. But this weekend? The remnants of Hurricane Isaac are dumping some welcome, much-needed rain! We have gotten over 2 inches so far, and it looks like we will getting more. Not a drought buster, but still very, very welcome.

Well, time to go back to the sunroom and watch the rain fall. It's SUCH a welcome sight! Thanks, Isaac, for bringing some much-needed moisture to this parched area!

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