Thursday, October 06, 2011

Hill Climbin'

No, we did not get on our hiking boots and head out into the open countryside. But we DID do a lot of walking. And sitting. And people watching.

Last Sunday we went to the Newport Hill Climb in Newport, Indiana. Newport is a small town, not too far from the Illinois/Indiana border. It's 2010 Census population was 515 residents. But during their 3-day Hill Climb event? The entire town is PACKED. The entire town is one giant flea market/vendor set-up/food trailers everywhere kind of place.

And a car show. A very big, very nice car show. And that's where Mr. Dizzy and I were mainly there for.

We brought over THIS beauty:

That is a 1965 Pontiac Tempest. Mr. Dizzy's father bought it brand new and drove it off the showroom floor on September 30, 1964. It was one of the first 1965 Pontiac's produced. His father has had it all these years, and has taken excellent care of it. It is ALL original. Nothing has been restored on the car - - NOTHING. Original paint even! The interior is immaculate. Everything about the car is in amazing condition. And, only 76,000 original miles.

Isn't it a beauty?

Newport is about a 2 hour drive from our house. Sunday morning we got up extremely early (3:45 AM? NOT fun) and trailered the car over for the show. I was looking forward to a fun day - - looking at the other cars in the show, meeting some nice new people, walking through the vendors, and of course watching the Hill Climb competition.....

We got over there, and it was FREEZING cold. I mean, seeing your breath/shivering uncontrollably/where the hell is my winter coat kind of freezing. And we were outside. At a car show. With no vendors open yet. And I could NOT stop shivering.......

I was ready to start walking back home. At least I would have worked up a sweat and gotten warm!

Finally, some of the vendors started opening up, and I was on a mission. Find a warm sweatshirt to put on over all my other clothes and add another layer under my coat, and some gloves. Found a sweatshirt vendor, and all he had left was either too small or way too large. Went for the too large (so now Mr. Dizzy has a new shirt to wear!) and finally found some lightweight gloves.

That helped considerably!

The day finally started warming up close to the Noon hour, to the point where I could unzip my coat and be halfway comfortable. But I could not get warm enough, even in the direct sun - - I had been chilled through to my bones! But in spite of this, it was a fun day.

Now, for the "Hill Climb" part of the day - -

Newport has one main attraction in it's small town borders - - a BIG FREAKIN' HILL:
(The photo does NOT do the Hill justice - - it is extremely steep!)

All these antique cars register to climb the hill. It's a class competition, and even though by today's standards the hill doesn't look that intimidating, you should try climbing it in a car that is only pulling 7 horsepower!

According to the Newport Hill Climb Website, the Climb has been going on yearly since 1909. It's a big 3-day event for the town. This is the third year we have gone, and we always have a great time.

If you ever get a chance, you should check out this event. It's really a lot of fun, and with it being so close to where we live, it's a nice little day trip to take.

It felt good to actually be able to get away from home and just spend a day doing something fun. I just hope next time it's just a tad bit warmer!