Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Back Into the Swing of Things

I need to start blogging again on a more consistent basis. Seriously.

I love to write. It's an outlet for me - - from the stresses of the daily routine. However, I have had NO desire to write lately, due mostly to things going on in life that have just knocked the energy out of me.......

~ Major abdominal surgery in June - I had VERY good intentions of blogging during the 8-week recovery at home, both on this blog and my recipe blog. How much did I write? Nothing. Zilch. Zero. No energy? Partly. No desire? Absolutely. (Same thing for reading. The stack of magazines? Still sitting there. My Kindle? Barely touched.)

~ Losing Squeak. Yes, she was a cat. Just an animal. Or so some people may think. But in reality? She was a FAMILY MEMBER. Daddy's little girl. And her passing left a great big hole in our lives. Hard to shake something like that. Still haven't. Not sure if, or when, we will. She was a pretty special kitty.

~ Work. My office is usually a frantic place. This semester it is doubly so, since my co-worker is going through a high-risk pregnancy and is on total bedrest in hospital for the duration. She is still able to work via online, so anything that can be done on the computer gets sent her way, and I handle all the face-to-face things here in the office. Considering this happened the first week I came back to work and was attempting full days, it's been draining to say the least. Going home and doing anything but collapsing in a heap on the couch the first few weeks was not an option. It's a bit better now, as the semester is well underway AND my energy level has gotten better. Still a ways to go yet though.....


All this has conspired against me. It's been rough.

However - - the past week or so I have been feeling the itch to do some writing again. I'm hoping by posting this, it will fan that little flame and get me going again. I have LOTS of things to write about. And I have a lot of recipes to post on my recipe blog. I need to get on it!

I am determined to finish out this year writing more. My stress level needs this as an outlet. Badly.

So you all have been warned. I'm back, and going to do my damndest to stay here.


Travis Erwin said...

Stay storng and keep plugging away for that is the only we we writers can stay with it.

maddeelou said...

Sending vibes for peace and healing your way. I just lost my beloved cat Izzy yesterday. It was an unexpected, tragic accident and I am devastated.