Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good Report!

My second post-op at the Doctor yesterday went very well! She is pleased with my healing progress, and thinks everything is looking good. We adjusted my estrogen dosage up a bit to help combat the mood swings (I mostly get "the tears" and will cry at everything, or nothing at all), but there are also times when I will get aggravated at something and just "snap" - - and that is NOT a good thing.

The Doctor has released me to go back to work on August 8th, part-time that first week. That will give my new medicine dosage a chance to start getting leveled out before diving back into the office scene. Fortunately, I have been able to do part-time work hours from my home computer, so it won't be like trying to get re-acclimated after a two month absence!

Am I looking forward to going back to work? Yes and no.

Yes, because I love the work that I do, and my officemates are the best you could ever find anywhere.

No, because - - well, it's been really nice being able to work from home, and spend more time here. I love my home. It's our dream house, and I spend so many work hours away from it that I miss it. And, I have been able to spend more time with my furry kitty-kids, and with Dear Mr. Dizzy also.

This time being home has made me realize that when it comes time for retirement, I will be able to handle it just fine. The problem with that? Well, that time is NOT going to be any time soon, unfortunately - - but someday, it will be our turn. Mr. Dizzy and I are BOTH looking forward to that day!

But, until then, it's back to the office on August 8th, and things will be just fine.

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